Today we have the pleasure of announcing the expansion of Gaming Corps with a development team in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian and Maltese development staff will work together as an integrated team in the production of casino games for the iGaming market.

As part of our previously communicated investment in iGaming and work on further advancing and improving the Gaming Corps organization, a development team has been engaged in Kyiv, Ukraine. The team consists of five employees who are dedicated to Gaming Corps full time as an integral part of the Company’s production in close alignment with the studio in Malta. The team has been assembled with support from a previous subcontractor and the members are now employed by a newly formed company with which Gaming Corps has signed an agreement.

We are happy that the strategy put in place at the beginning of the year for improving capacity, organization and competence within Gaming Corps is now taking shape. Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming five new talented team members to the Gaming Corps family who bring relevant experience from previous employment with reputable companies. With this we also increase our efforts in protecting the Company from the type of bottlenecks in production that can easily arise in small teams. Early 2020, Gaming Corps initiated cooperation with a subcontractor in Kiev, something which yielded good results and was cost effective. The successful collaboration was led by Maxim Moneta as external project owner on behalf of Gaming Corps, and the management team therefore chose to create a team dedicated to the Company in Kyiv together with him. That team is now in place. In conjunction with the expansion we have also continued making adjustments to optimize the company structure, as we are convinced that given the development phase Gaming Corps is in, the Company benefits from small, continuous improvements in the organization. That is an ongoing effort.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO.

The team in Kiev consists of three highly qualified Game Developers and a Quality Assurance and Analysis Specialist, under the leadership of Maxim Moneta, Development Team Manager.



Maxim Moneta – Development Team Manager and Country Manager Ukraine
Maxim heads up Gaming Corps in the Ukraine and is responsible for project management and process assurance. He has a background as a business processes and management professional, start-up founder, consultant and IT specialist. Maxim has a Masters in Computer Science from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, located to Sweden in 2010 and recently settled back in Ukraine.

Artem Fedorov – Development Team Lead
Artem works as a front-end specialist and leads the development team, overseeing the full development cycle. Artem has worked with casino games development since 2010 and has created a modern engine for slot production. He previously worked for BTL, Murka, Promatc Group and Booming Games, and has studied Economics at the National Kharkov University.

Anna Vlasenko – Game Developer
Anna works as a game developer with previous experience from companies such as SMK, 2k-Group, Smart Project, Beano Publishing and Absolutist. Anna has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Dnepropetrovsk National University and also graduated from Kiev Institute of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy as a Clinic Psychologist.

Taras Virnyi – Game Developer
Taras works as a software game developer and has previous experience from similar roles in companies such as Platipus, Murka and Iron Source. Taras has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Koss Galay – Quality Assurance Engineer and Analyst
Koss works closely with the development team to ensure the quality of Gaming Corps’ games. Previously held positions include Quality Assurance Specialist, Business Analyst and Scrum Master for medical companies. Koss also has experience from the banking industry and holds an MD in Finance from the Ukrainian National Tax Academy.


The choice to expand with this team is the result of work done over the course of the past 6 months with the purpose of improving structure and output in both business areas. Adding a new location is part of the continuous kaizen efforts of finetuning the organization and updating responsibilities in all functions of the company.

Since 2019, Gaming Corps has a development studio in Malta where work for both Gaming and iGaming is carried out, starting this fall in cooperation with the iGaming development team in Kiev. We also have one development team member working out of Germany. The management team consists of the following four members, all based in Sweden apart from the CCO who is based in Spain: Juha Kauppinen (CEO), Bülent Balikci (CFO), Erika Mattsson (CCO) and Mats Lundin (CCO). The board consists of five members, all based in Sweden: Claes Tellman (Chairman), Daniel Redén, Bülent Balikci, Helin Yasar and Thomas Hedlund. The Gaming Corps head office is in Uppsala, Sweden.