Meet gaming corps

Gaming Corps is a game development company based in Sweden and listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. From our studios in Malta and Ukraine we develop original content for the Gaming and iGaming industries.

The company

Gaming Corps is a small game development company operating on the global market by developing games within two business areas – iGAMING and GAMING. The market for GAMING includes video games for entertainment on three main platforms – computers, consoles and mobiles. iGAMING is the international term for the online gambling market, which includes sports betting and various kinds of casino games. Gaming Corps’ business idea is to develop original content for Gaming and iGaming, servicing the selective gamer with niche video games and premium casino games. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden with development studios in Smart City, Malta and Kyiv, Ukraine. In Malta a team of 12 people are engaged in development for both business areas, and in Kyiv a team of 5 people are focused on iGaming development.

Since February 2020, Gaming Corps has a license for development and distribution of casino games issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. The operations in Malta are conducted by Gaming Corps Malta Ltd. owned by Gaming Corps Holding Ltd. which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gaming Corps AB in Sweden. The team in Kiev were recruited in collaboration with Gaming Corps during the fall of 2020 and are full-time employees in a company under contract with Gaming Corps.

Our history

Gaming Corps was founded in 2014 by a group of people with experience from Gaming and Gambling, with the goal of establishing the next big Swedish developing studio by combining Gaming and iGaming. The first project was a multiplatform video game aimed at large audiences. When exiting to the stock market in 2015 Gaming Corps held the license to the mobile game “Riddick: The Merc Files” and a partnership agreement to develop the game onto other platforms. As that license later was cancelled, the work already carried out transformed into what became the “The Descendant” which was released in 2016. From there and onwards Gaming Corps mostly did work for hire in Gaming, moving the development from Uppsala, Sweden to Austin, Texas by acquiring a studio called RedFly that became the subsidiary Gaming Corps Austin.

When the current board and management team took over in November 2018, it was with the outspoken strategy of finally deploying the business idea of combining Gaming and iGaming. Tasked with the work of moving from deficit to a self-sustaining business, a new path was chosen where iGaming became the main focus. The Austin studio was closed and a team was built in Malta. For the time being the Company is mainly focused on the iGaming business, but still with both businesses active and the continued long-term strategy of establishing a successful business by harnessing synergy effects between the two. In July 2020 the first iGaming product was released – the casino slot “Book of Pirates” in cooperation with operator and partner ATG. More casino games are in the pipeline and within Gaming the Company have a couple of long-term development projects.

Our strategic platform

Gaming Corps has a unique journey in its short lifetime and has recently started over in most areas but one – the business idea based on the conviction of combining Gaming and iGaming. Gaming Corps business idea is to develop original content for Gaming and iGaming, servicing the selective gamer with niche video games and premium casino games. To move Gaming Corps forward, the management team set out a while back to define this business idea further and also outline a vision and a brand identity. The result is the Gaming Corps’ strategic platform which relays what we do, where we come from, where we are going, how we want to be perceived, what we promise our stakeholders, what we stand for and how we aim to move this company and our industry forward in the coming years. The platform is a tool on which we will form our daily strategic efforts to move the company forward and on which we build communication towards all stakeholders.

After having left an uncertain position behind, a brave and ambitious vision emerged for Gaming Corps that is based on a strong will to make a difference in the industry and build a company that is successful over time. Gaming Corps vision is to be recognized worldwide as a prime mover in the evolution of the Gaming and iGaming industries. The final part of the puzzle is our new brand identity which outlines what we stand for and what we promise our stakeholders. Driven, Selective and Responsible are Gaming Corps brand values ​​and thus important tools in the Company toolbox for delivering upon the business idea every day, and with one conscious step at the time bring Gaming Corps in the direction of the vision.

Our graphic profile

Based on the strategic platform, we have developed a new graphic profile for Gaming Corps. It is a new suit to that houses and supports the business idea, vision and brand; developed with the Gaming Corps’ long-term ambition in mind and designed to function effectively, today as well as tomorrow.