Gaming Corps is dedicated to creating enjoyable and entertaining casino games. We believe in fun, responsible gaming and encourage all players to be aware of the risks of gambling addiction. Play responsibly, play for fun.

Take care while gambling

At Gaming Corps we love developing games that spark joy and excitement with our players, whether it is within iGaming or Gaming. But the gambling component in iGaming is important to highlight and take into account. That problem gambling exists and has negative implications on both individuals and society can’t be ignored.

One critical thing to highlight is that gambling should never be looked at as means to generate an income. Whilst a majority of adults can treat gambling as recreation and spend only what they can afford to risk, making it their pastime from time to time, there are those who don’t have those boundaries. There are those who develop a negative gambling behaviour. For their sake it is crucial that the iGaming industry stands for responsible best practice and protection as well as safeguard against underage gambling. Before trying an iGaming product we recommend everyone to pose these limitations on your playing:

  • Always bet less than you can afford to lose
  • Set limits on your gambling activities before you start such as time restrictions and deposit restrictions
  • Avoid gambling when other responsibilities are more important
  • Ask yourself if you are playing for fun without any anxiety – if the answer is no at any point in time, step away immediately and seek support.

For those interested in more information on responsible gambling, and for those in need of support, help or guidance, here are a number organizations to consult.