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From the start Gaming Corps has been a company aiming to build on the strength of a presence in both Gaming and iGaming. In later years this has expanded into a third area, that of Interactive Entertainment. From complex video games to casino games to snappy mobile games and the world of interactive entertainment, Gaming Corps strive to bring creativity and dedication into our products. In short, we hope you will play them, like them, love them. Come have a look!

Video Game Development

Gaming Products for all the major platforms and consoles

Casino Game Development

iGaming Products, Unique Bonus Games, Gamification

Book of Pirates

Arrrr ya ready for your pile of doubloons?

Undead Vikings

Step into the realm of the undead

Baby Hercules

An ancient Greek myth about a Demigod!

Pan’s Tale

A dark tale about a girl's journey in the darkness of a faun's dungeon.

Oh Frog

Cake Factory

Orc Burger Stack

Year of the Cracker

Gemstone Panic!

Drop The Potion


Hungry Monster Planet

The Descendant