Meet your new Addiction!

Welcome to the world of King Frog. Oh Frog! is an addictive adventure puzzle game for those who want to test their reflexes and have a good time. Help the little frog collect fruits and eat flies, while avoiding the carnivorous plants and the monsters of the jungle. Go through the portal and find yourself in a new place full of imagination and new adventures. The game has over 20 characters and 70 diverse levels with multiple mechanics combined. Oh Frog supports both multiplayer mode and battle mode.

Pixel-Perfect Design

While designing a game we consider every single tiny detail. Oh Frog is receiving finishing touches as we speak and is planned to be released in two steps; first on Steam during Q1 2020 and at a later date on Nintendo Switch. We dare to say that we think you will love this game, so stay tuned for for a frogtastic experience!