A Frogtastic adventure

The Frog Kingdom’s most prized artifacts, the Crowns of Power, have been stolen and the world is plunged into chaos. As darkness slowly seeps through the land, the magical power of The Crowns has begun to twist and corrupt nature herself into a force of evil. Desperate, King Frog summons you, Lif, the Kingdom’s last ray of hope and bravest frog, to recover the Crowns of Power and restore peace. Embark on a magical adventure and discover hidden relics, aid unlikely allies and battle epic bosses in an exciting multiplayer mode. Join us and dive into an incredible adventure of frogtastic proportions!

Unravel the mystery

A colorful and loopy 2D action adventure puzzle; Oh Frog invites you to explore the gorgeous and peculiar Frog Kingdom, unravel its mysteries and brave its terrible dangers. Using the simple and addictive hook-and-swing mechanic, the player guides Lif through handcrafted perilous traps and ancient puzzles. Available April 20th 2020 on Steam.