Welcome to the wonderful world of Trotting! Inspired by legendary horse Delicious, this trotting themed casino slot brings the joy and anticipation of the racetrack to your fingertips. Make it to the trotting race bonus game and race the horse of your choice to the finish line where prizes await. If fortune is on your side, you may be challenged by Delicious at the end of the race and collect a premium prize. See you on the racetrack!

Developed by Gaming Corps exclusively for ATG®, this game is only available on ATG® Casino.

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About Delicious

Delicous is a unique horse, successful against all odds and fan favourite for many trotting lovers. For Gaming Corps Board Member, trainer Daniel Redén, Delicious is the great love of his career.
Between 2012 and 2017, Delicious won 29 out of 55 races and broke several world records, earning the award Horse of the Year in 2015. Delicious garnered attention for her remarkable technique and for being so small in size and yet so successful.

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