The angry elf Nathan-Yell is working in the North Pole post office. Besides misbehaving and breaking things, Nathan-Yell spends his days playing games. This Christmas we join him in playing a mine game where a grid of 5×5 tiles hide either presents or lumps of coal. You may cash out the winnings after each present revealed, and even Nathan-Yell will get a little excited! But if you uncover a lump of coal all progress is lost. Good luck and Merry Christmas!


Stay clear of the coal

Did you know that Gaming Corps mine games are inspired by classic 80-ies minesweeper games as well as their modern crypto currency versions? Instead of sweeping for mines, stay clear of those lumps of coal!  You might just end up with a pile of presents and wouldn’t that be lovely? A little something to balance out the wet blanket over our holiday cheer that is Nathan-Yell, regrettably back in our lives once again this Christmas season.

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