We’re welcoming players to the jungle with our slot, Aztec Bonus Pot.

Venture to a towering Temple that sets the scene for this vibrant, 5-reel slot, with riches waiting to be discovered on every spin.


Bonus Pot Feature

To add a further dimension of thrilling gameplay, the Free Spins include a new mechanic: the Bonus Pot! Each sacred instant prize symbol that appears during the Free Spins will be added to the Bonus Pot, and at the end of the Free Spins, the player has the opportunity to win all the prizes in the Bonus Pot; all the way up to 5,000x their total bet.

Studio Comments:

Our goal with Aztec Bonus Pot was, firstly, to ensure the mechanic was more than capable of delivering well on the multiple touchpoints and expectations a player must have to deliver a memorable experience. Then, secondly, it was to take our artwork to a new level. This game has been a passion project and the artwork genuinely sets it apart.”


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