The Descendant Now Compatible with Game Controllers

Published September 27, 2016 at 14:40

Gaming Corps announced today that their Story Driven Episodic Game The Descendant, released on PC Steam, is now compatible with major game controllers.

"After making The Descendant available on Mac in addition to PC and releasing it in a total of 5 languages, the game can now be played with most gamepads including Steam Controllers. For those who already play with gamepads on Steam, you can now let go of the mouse and keyboard in The Descendant as well and enjoy a more relaxed, precise and fluid experience." Said Jean-Marc Broyer, President, Gaming Corps.

THE DESCENDANT is a five-part episodic adventure game series, 3 Episodes have already been released with the 4th and 5th installment to be released before the end of the year.

In THE DESCENDANT, the end of the world is only the start. With what remains of humanity protected in underground Ark facilities, your mission is to keep survivors alive, while discovering a far greater conspiracy buried within Ark-01.