Hollywood director Frank Coraci will direct Gaming Corps The Descendant

Published October 3, 2016 at 06:55

Frank Coraci are directing the fifth and last part of the Gaming Corps game series The Descendant. The episode will be released before the end of the year.

Frank Coraci is the director of comedies like Around the World in 80 Days, The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy and several other popular comedies, often starring Adam Sandler. Now he is in the Gaming Corps studio for work on The Descendant. This is Frank's first assignment in the gaming industry.

"I have always seen films as the most efficient and technically most advanced way of telling a story, but gaming is fascinating as it is interactive and if you can only find a way of lifting the drama, increasing the tension and the total emotional link to the same level as films, then we have the future of storytelling," says Frank.
 He continues: 

 "When I met Jens (Klang) and Nicklas (Dunham) (both at Gaming Corps) it dawned on me that they also have the same vision; lifting gaming to the next emotional level and we have searched for the right project until now." 

The Descendant is a post-apocalyptic adventure game which takes place in an underground facility after global warming destroys the Earth. It is the company Gaming Corps' first project. Three parts have been released until now and the fourth and fifth will be released during the year. 

"Frank made an exclusive film for Netflix last year and it is already their most viewed film ever. He has an incredible capacity to tell exorbitantly popular stories and I am convinced that he can transfer this to the gaming format," says Magnus Kolaas, CEO of Gaming Corps.

About Frank Coraci

Many of Frank Coraci's films have been major commercial successes. The Waterboy is ranked as the sports comedy which has made the most money to date and it is top 100 of the comedies which has made the most money. He has also directed films with Kevin James like Here Comes the Boom and Zookeeper. The Wedding Singer and Click were also directed by Frank. He has also acted in several of his films. Frank was born in New York in 1966 and graduated with a degree in Film from NYU in 1988.

About The Descendant

The Descendant is an episodic adventure game in five parts. In The Descendant the end of the world is only the beginning. The few human beings who remain are protected in the underground Ark facilities and your task is to keep the survivors alive, while you discover much larger conspiracies hidden within Ark-01.
About Gaming Corps

Gaming Corps AB develops computer games (gaming and casino) based on their own IP's and well-known international brands. The Company's shares are traded on Nasdaq First North under the ticker GCOR. The company's Certified Advisor is Remium Nordic AB.

About Project Human

In the year 2450 AD – to eliminate crime and disease, citizens are required to be born in vitro and 97½% gene designed leading to a "utopian" future.  In the increasingly predictable world, a revered cult leader, The Seer, develops technology to see the future and it predicts one young government genetic enforcer, Arrow, will destroy his prescient sight.  The Seer sends his Assassin soldiers to eliminate Arrow.  To free society from predestiny and keep the future unknown, Arrow must transcend his own gene design and become unpredictable to stay alive.  To save the world he has to rediscover how to be truly… HUMAN.