Gaming Corps & Microïds Sign a License & Distribution Agreement for The Descendant

Published December 15, 2016 at 12:29

Gaming Corps AB has signed a License & Distribution Agreement with Microïds for The Descendant.  The agreement grants Microïds the exclusive rights to publish, distribute, promote and sell The Descendant through digital and retail distribution channels for download and physical purchase worldwide.

The Descendant is an episodic adventure game series with all 5 episodes released for PC and MAC on Steam.   

For the past 30 years, Microïds has become a key video game publisher with an international presence. Microïds is providing digital distribution since 2010 and is set on developing even more innovative content thanks to a wide network of media and commercial partners.

"Having Microïds as a Licensing and Distribution partner has a special meaning to us at Gaming Corps. Developer and Publisher of the hit Adventure Series Syberia. Microïds has a deep knowledge in Adventure Game development and its market audience. Microïds will bring additional visibility and sales to The Descendant by leveraging its expertise and its network of partners worldwide." – Jean-Marc Broyer, President, Gaming Corps.

"We are delighted to sign with the Gaming Corps team, well known for their game expertise and their links with Hollywood. The Descendant fits well with the audience of Microïds adventure game lineup and will be a great asset for Microïds." adds Alain Milly, VP Publishing at Microïds.

The Descendant is an episodic adventure game series where the end of the world is only the start.

After climate change wrecked the planet, a man-made extinction event wiped humankind off the face of the Earth. Only a few thousand `descendants of humanity' were hand-picked to survive the apocalypse, cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks. Centuries passed. The world recovered from the nuclear holocaust, and all the Arks reopened, except one – Ark-01.

Every action and choice you make directly impacts who lives and who dies, leaving the fate of Ark-01, and mankind itself, in your hands. Will you save mankind? Or doom us all?

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About Microïds

Created in 1985, Microïds is an international publisher of multi-platform video games based in Paris (France). Today, it represents Anuman Interactive's video game business in all its forms.

Managed by its creator Elliot Grassiano, Microïds keeps getting stronger and widens its large game catalogue with genres as varied as adventure, management, simulation and action. Through its adaptations of iconic titles such as "Syberia" or "Amerzone" on new supports or through its original creations ("Subject 13", "The A.B.C. Murders", "Yesterday Origins"…), Microïds is developing on PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, as well as iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Besides its heroes and heroines from original creations (Kate Walker from "Syberia", Victoria Mc Pherson from "Still Life"…), Microïds also creates new titles including other characters or authors from other media (comic books, cinema, literature…) such as Garfield, Lucky Luke or Agatha Christie.

Microïds is currently developing Syberia 3 scheduled for 2017, responding to many fans of this cult adventure game series (more than 3 million sold) who have been waiting for more than ten years.

For more informations, visit the official website, the Facebook Page, Twitter or Pinterest