Dear shareholders,

Published November 19, 2018 at 17:00

On Thursday, November 8th, during the Extra General Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, Daniel Redén, Bulent Balikci, Juha Kappinen and Umeed Noor Galay were elected as the new Board of Directors of Gaming Corps. This event has now opened the door for an entirely new, vibrant era for the company.

Over the past 6 months it has been enormously challenging to simultaneously repair the company structure, finances and public reputation while also attempting to secure new business opportunities and hire key talent. This reality was further exacerbated by being beholden to a board of directors who were neither aligned with my vision for the company or supportive of the strategic decisions I felt were critical to our success.

I understand that without the benefit of this perspective, many of the shareholders have felt frustrated and lacked real insight into what was transpiring behind closed doors. That time is now gratefully at an end.

I cannot stress how important electing a new Board of Directors is to the future of the company. Unlike the previous regime, this group has one mission – to rebuild Gaming Corps as vibrant, profitable company that will build value for the shareholders in an honest and aggressive fashion. The new board is comprised of individuals with integrity and passion who want to repair the damage done and work closely with CCO Adam Orth and myself to turn Gaming Corps into the company we know it has the potential to be.

Adam and I support this board 100% and could not be more appreciative of their efforts to create this change and continue to support us as we move forward.

We are in a remarkable position as many of the efforts Adam and I have put forward during the second half of 2018 are beginning to materialize as this critical point of change takes place. This reality puts us in an incredibly positive situation where we will be able to take action with the opportunities we currently have in progress in a much more efficient fashion with full support from our board.

I would like to personally thank our shareholders for their continued patience and support as the process of correcting the past and building the future of Gaming Corps into a world-class interactive entertainment company continues.


Michael Timothy Doyle
CEO | Gaming Corps