Changing the time for the Annual General Meeting of Gaming Corps.

Published May 8, 2017 at 12:20

The Board of Directors has elected to postpone the planned Annual General Meeting initially planned for June 2nd. This delay will give the company more time to account for assets that need to be reported in accordance with the Swedish method of accounting when consolidated by Red Fly.

New time for annual meeting: 14 June at 16.00 CET
New call shortly

What has emerged is the value of games developed by the company has not been recorded as it should have been by Swedish standards. As a result, an in-depth analysis of the technology portfolio needs to be carried out. Red Fly has invested between 6-8 MUSD, which today is neither valued nor recorded in the balance sheet. As the studio built over the years several games, these should be recorded in the balance sheet to the corresponding amount.