Let us introduce you to the maddest miner in all of mining, the one and only Billy-Boyd Skeeter. Billy-Boyd is a mountain man who spent all his life desperately searching for gold and losing his mind in the process. Nuttier than a fruitcake and at least two cans short of a sixpack, this miner puts the M in Mad! Come on down and visit him in the latest Mine Game release Mining Madness.

During a particularly rough bender curtesy of his uncle Otis, the best Moonshine maker in the county, Billy-Boyd misplaced a bunch of dynamite in the mine. After years of disappointments, he had finally struck a gold vein and to celebrate imbibed a massive jug of Moonshine and set off to the mine with his banjo and a barrel of dynamite. Delirious with joy and feverishly fantasising about all the gold he was going to excavate the next day, Billy-Boyd decided to prime dynamite sticks in various locations. The following morning he woke up wearing nothing but an old baseball cap turned inside out, sporting a massive headache and yet another missing tooth. The banjo was nowhere to be seen. Billy-Boyd only vaguely remembered his drunken antics in the mine, including details of the lady he met at the local truck stop afterwards. But at least Misty Jo had written her name and number on his cap in big block letters, clearing some of the clouds away! Thank heaven for small mercies.

As Billy-Boyd enters the mine the next morning he has no recollection of where the dynamite is placed. And this is where we meet Billy-Boyd as we join him for his first day of excavating the gold vein, albeit under looming danger of having the gold blown up by dynamite. Darn you Uncle Otis and your tasty Moonshine!

Mining Madness is not for the faint-hearted, but if you have a little streak of madness in you and don’t fear dynamite on your way to uncovering gold, Billy-Boyd sends his warmest regards. Welcome to the mine!

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