Pour the champagne! An exceptional digital casino experience is now at your fingertips! Today we premier our new art deco themed Table Games series with Blackjack Multihand by Gaming Corps™, a game fully customisable to highlight individual casino brands.

The new Table Game series has a polished, Art Deco theme and Blackjack Multihand by Gaming Corps™ includes an exciting 3D element in the form of a player arm. The arm shows authentic Blackjack hand signals for increased player experience and is available in a female and male version across six different skin tones. Much care has gone into the details of the game, such as the jukebox that offers four different music styles.

Blackjack Multihand by Gaming Corps™ is soft-launched with select partners ahead of general release. Some of those partners have chosen the customised version where the felt of the table is adapted to the colours of their brand profile, along with casino logo placement and a card design unique to the brand. A number of custom branded as well as non-branded versions of the game will be made available across additional select operators in staggered steps the coming weeks. Blackjack Multihand by Gaming Corps™ will be fully available to the market via general release after the new year.

To demo the game, please visit the game page.