The bespoke, exclusive casino slot Tomb of Bons will soon reach the market. Gaming Corps has developed the game in close cooperation with Owl In N.V. to be offered exclusively on Bons Casino.

In April 2021 Gaming Corps and Owl In N.V. signed an agreement for a bespoke, exclusive game to be developed for Bons Casino. The development of Tomb of Bons has been a close cooperation between the two parties to ensure a good fit with the needs of the steadily growing number of players on Bons Casino.

This project has been very positive from the beginning, with good input from our client in every key step along the way. I appreciate the trust Owl In has put in our company to deliver something special, as well as the opportunity to work with an up and coming brand like Bons. I believe Owl In are at the forefront of the iGaming market and it is a pleasure to be a partner on their journey. We hope this game will resonate well with the Bons players and all of us at team Gaming Corps look forward to see how it fares.” says Mats Lundin, Chief Commercial Officer.

Tomb of Bons is a casino slot with an Ancient Egyptian theme and 4096 ways to win. The game is set in the Valley of the Kings where a previously undisturbed tomb has just been opened. Tomb of Bons has concept art by Creative Director James Sciberras, who has stayed close to original artefacts from the period.

When creating concept art with a historic backdrop, I find it important to research the period and ensure that what we create is accurate. Even if these are all original designs, they are based on historical artefacts and common myths. Some iconic depictions are instantly recognizable, it can be a combination of a certain colour and shape for instance, and then with our own interpretation we stay true to that, which makes a game appealing for players on an intuitive level. We also work together – game designer, concept artist and marketing team – to make sure that the design and story is commercially attractive.” says James Sciberras, Creative Director

An example of where history impacts design is the Sun God Ra. The maximum possible award in the game comes from the summoning of Ra, creator of the universe and the highest of the Egyptian Gods. So stay tuned for the upcoming release of Tomb of Bons and may Ra be at your side!

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