Today we are happy to announce that Gaming Corps has begun development of a new product line called iJect within the emerging iGaming category Multiplier Games. In line with stated ambition and our current iGaming business models, the product line will consist of non-exclusive games as well as bespoke, exclusive games.

It is the objective of Gaming Corps to broaden our product offer within business area iGaming, to build a strong and long-term successful portfolio. Recently we have received requests from operators in regard to Multiplier Games, a young category also sometimes called Crash Games, Multiplayer Cash-out Games and more. The Company has therefore decided to allocate resources to the development of three games within this category. One of these games now in production is developed per request from one of our affiliated operators, and will after launch be made available three months exclusively with high exposure, after which it can be offered to all operators.


Multiplier Games is a relatively new and emerging category within casino games, where functionality is inspired by the so called cryptocurrency “crash games”. Several players simultaneously bet on a moving object, and with every forward motion, the potential bet multiplier grows. The longer you stay in the race before cashing out, the higher the potential win before the jet plane crashes, the space rocket explodes, or the boat is attacked by a vicious monster, all depending on theme. Along the way the player can see how other players either cash out or stay in the game, adding to the excitement.

Consumer interest in this game category has increased significantly as of lately, which has been made evident by the inquiries Gaming Corps has received from affiliated and potential operators. The current supply of games in this category is small globally, and even smaller on those regulated markets which Gaming Corps operates on. Thus we have identified a business opportunity and have chosen to shift parts of our development capacity towards developing a product line intended to grow over the course of a longer period and put a mark on the category as a whole. These games are fast and dynamic and can be varied in many themes where influences from Gaming will be applied in line with our business idea. We are working on three games right now but have additional themes planned within the framework of the product line named iJect. One of these games is being tailored for one of our affiliated operators, which gives this new effort an initial boost and good financial conditions from the get go. We look forward to sharing more information about the upcoming product line, the exclusive order and our first games in the near future.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO.

Stay tuned for more information on the iJect series!

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