In line with the ambition to develop and expand our business model for bespoke games, Gaming Corps has entered into an agreement with Owl In. N.V. for the development of an exclusive, bespoke casino slot. When launched, the game will be offered exclusively on Bons Casino.

Earlier this year Gaming Corps initiated discussions with affiliated operator Owl In N.V. regarding the development of an exclusive, bespoke casino slot which has now been put into production. The game will once launched be available exclusively on Bons Casino.

This collaboration marks the second time Gaming Corps is commissioned to develop a bespoke product; a business model we believe will have impact on the continued development of the company. Exclusive games are given sizeable exposure by their operators which is of great value, both in terms of strengthening the Gaming Corps brand as well as affecting long-term earning potential. In this case, we presented a game concept that our counterpart took an instant liking too, and after that the project has advanced quickly. I am pleased to see the confidence our counterpart has shown Gaming Corps and the upcoming game, which among other things shine through in the nature of the deal that allows Gaming Corps an advantageous revenue share. I would like to thank Owl In N.V. for a straightforward, positive collaboration so far and hope we can find more projects to work on in the future.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO.

Bons is an online casino owned by Owl In N.V., its main markets are Japan, India and New Zealand. Distribution between Gaming Corps and Bons is done via direct integration which means that there is no intermediary platform in the form of an aggregator. Owl In N.V. comments on the Gaming Corps collaboration:

We started Bons Casino in 2020 with the ambition of providing a great variety of games from top providers, building the next generation international online casino. Securing good exclusive content is important for Bons and when Gaming Corps proposed this casino slot, we were excited about the mechanics and theme which fits the Bons portfolio. The production has started off well and we look forward to seeing the game reach the market.”

The bespoke game is now in production and resources allocated to it will therefore have some impact on the Gaming Corps pipeline for the launch of non-exclusive iGaming products in the coming months.