Delicous is a unique horse, successful in her career on the racetrack and fan favourite for many trotting lovers. For Gaming Corps Board Member, trainer Daniel Redén, Delicious is the great love of his trotting career. This is her story.

Delicious was born on March 25th 2009 on Lindy Farms, Connecticut in the United States where she spent two seasons before arriving in Sweden in the fall of 2012. Being bred on the other side of the Atlantic, her name became Delicious U.S. During her two seasons as a young horse she showed promise but never really reached top positions when competing in major races. After joining Stall Zet and under the training of Daniel Redén, the little horse with the big heart started competing in Sweden during 2013.

Delicious quickly became a favourite among trotting fans, garnering attention everywhere for being so small in size and yet so successful in competition against much larger and more experienced horses. Delicious measures 147 centimetres in height at the withers which is the equivalent height of a large pony. She became known for her outstanding technique as well as her porcelain-like fragility, winning a significant number of races despite suffering from a serious inflammatory bowel disease.

Between 2012 and 2017, Delicious entered 55 races and won 29 of them. The fall of 2015 was the pinnacle her remarkable career when she broke three world records over the course of two months. One of the most notable was the world record on 1640 meters which she beat on August 14th 2015 with the time 1.08.6. Those keen on details may have noticed this time in the Delicious game – on the high paying symbol called the Timer and the goal post at the Bonus Race finish line. Our leading lady’s successes in 2015 earned her the award Horse of the Year at the Swedish Annual Horse Awards, powered by the votes of a jury as well as the general public.

The loving bond between man and horse is particularly evident in the case of Delicious and her trainer Daniel Redén. Her excellence, temper but also fragility makes Delicious Daniel’s most treasured horse, and his desire to ensure her enduring legacy and also give back to the sport of trotting is the foundation on which the game is built.

On July 14th 2017 Delicious’ career dramatically ended when she had to have emergency bowel surgery due to her persisting health problems. Tragedy turned to success yet again as Delicious bounced back from the surgery and was able to not only continue living a comfortable life, but on March 7th 2020 also become the mother of little Heavenly Zet. Still cared for by the same team of people who received her in 2012, the much beloved legend today lives on Furuby estate. Her spark, charm and legacy also lives in the game Delicious which can be found exclusively on ATG® Casino.


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