No you are not mistaken! There is something brewing at Gaming Corps! It is with great pleasure, and a little fear too we must admit, that we present the punk rock Pippi Longstocking of the witchcraft world – Ophelia. Our resident renegade charmstress, sorceress and down-right bad ass witch. Coming soon to all brave Gaming Corps affiliated operators.

It may come as a surprise, but the world of witchcraft is very well organized. Unless you are a witch school dropout of course, refusing even the use of a wand, just going off in your own punky direction. But for our leading lady the path of the lone rebel suits her just fine – she turned out to be one powerful, amazing witch without attending school!

However, Ophelia’s non-traditional methods result in mistakes and accidents sometimes, luckily for us though, that works in our favour. In her little shack in an eerie part of the woods, Ophelia keeps a number of exciting and disgusting ingredients for her potions out of which all are dangerous when mishandled. Sometimes she gets the recipe for a perilous potion wrong, resulting in explosions and unexpected events. Scary as it may be, stay tuned if you don’t want to miss out on the excitement! Be patient and you will soon be properly introduced to Ophelia, Fury the Cat and all the rest of the characters in the charmed woods of the Clumsy Witch.

Clumsy Witch is a magical, quirky video slot played on a 4×5 grid with 20 paylines. Coming soon to Gaming Corps affiliated operators.