We hope you have enjoyed walking along side Gaming Corps the past month as we have journeyed through our organization, strategy and development processes in this Advent Calendar. May the road ahead be bright and full of wonder! And we hope you will continue the journey with us for years to come!

If you came onto this last article of the calendar and wonder what journey we are talking about, you can find every entry of the Gaming Corps 2020 Advent Calendar in our newsroom. One way to travel with us is of course to just start reading in chronological order, from December 1st and onwards, or pick whatever topic seems interesting and go from there. Take a page from the book of Lif and just swing away among the entries, or happily bob around randomly like a festive Jellos character in a sugary craze! You can however also chose one of three series-within-the-series to focus on, in case you would like to go more in depth and understand processes and concepts in the right order. There are three series: the iGaming development process, the Gaming development process and the Gaming Corps strategic platform.

The iGaming development process

The Gaming development process

The Gaming Corps strategic platform

In addition, the Advent Calendar houses a number of articles which present our organization and/or cover areas and topics important to Gamin Corps’ business:

We wish you happy reading, and hope to see you on the road in the future. Onwards and upwards!