On the fourth Sunday of Advent we rejoice in the coming of Christmas and take a small break from exploring the ins and outs of Gaming Corps’ business, products and organization. Today the calendar post is a peaceful feast for the eyes, featuring the old Ulva mill situated outside Uppsala. Happy fourth of Advent!

The lands surrounding Uppsala were not just home to old Viking settlements, but have been farmed and cultivated for many generations and still to this day. The first documented mention of a mill in this location is from the 12th century, the current structure was built in 1750. The mill functioned fully up until 1963, and today it houses craftsmen and artists and is a popular place for the residents of Uppsala to visit on a weekend outing. Uppsala is home to one of Gaming Corps’ three locations and is also the site of the head office.

Tomorrow the advent calendar returns with the final stop on the journey of the iGaming development process. Join us then!