On the 5th day of the advent calendar, we turn focus on to the bone structure of the Gaming Corps business. The Company recently communicated its new strategic platform and over five days we will tell you more about that platform, starting today with the business idea.

On the one hand the concept of a business idea is intuitive and needs little explaining. On the other hand, it is often confused with other strategic concepts and made more difficult than need be. So, we will start by clarifying what we mean by business idea. A business idea describes what a company does, what it offers and to whom. It is brief, concise and straight-forward. A business idea is not a slogan, and it does not contain visionary statements or brand promises. Other terms often but not always, and more or less correctly, used synonymously with the business idea are business concept, concept, purpose, mission and mission statement. At Gaming Corps we choose what we believe is the most precise and intuitive term – business idea – when talking about what we do.

Why is it important to even start considering how to phrase what it is that you do? It is extremely important, seeing as clarity on what you actually offer goes a very long way to aid in attracting customers, partners, clients and in the case of listed companies, shareholders. Doing the work of really working out what you want and can do and deciding on that specific sentence – making your business idea clear – holds a lot of value. Then of course comes the work of making sure that business idea is carried out consistently.

Gaming Corps as a company has had a unique journey in its short lifetime and has recently started over in most areas but one – the business idea based on the conviction of combining Gaming and iGaming. When the current management team took over in late 2018, we believed in this core and wanted to preserve it. We believed in targeting both industries, utilizing synergy effects in terms of competencies, development cycles and financing. During 2019 as the Company underwent an overhaul, the core was developed and fine-tuned into the business idea’s current shape:

Gaming Corps’ business idea is to develop original content for Gaming and iGaming, servicing the selective gamer with niche video games and premium casino games.

A strategic platform is strong when it has a couple of key parts that are well fitted together. Hence the business idea (what we do) must work with the vision (where we are going) and the brand (what we stand for and how we want to be perceived). So we will revisit some of the key words in this business idea, such as “selective gamer” and “premium casino games”, in the upcoming segments for the strategic platform, and dig deeper into who it is that we are targeting with our offer, with what and in what way.

The next time we revisit the strategic platform will be December 12th on the topic of vision. Before that, we invite you back tomorrow December 6th for the first day devoted to Gaming production when we dive into game design.