Having good partners is essential to the success of any company. Today December 2nd we turn our focus to the Gaming Corps partners and what they mean to the Company.

At Gaming Corps, we value the expertise and support of our suppliers, advisors and partners. In late 2018 the current, and then new, management initiated a full overhaul of the organization. In many ways we had to start from the beginning and put new structure and routines in place, as well as rebuild the business. During this time, the Company was also in an ongoing process of relisting on Nasdaq, something which took almost one year and a great deal of resources. During 2019 we had to enlist new advisors to help us through this process and that in itself was a learning experience. We make sure to maintain these partnerships to keep our own delivery forwards in the value chain on a high level, as well as continuously find new partners to strengthen the Gaming Corps business. We also take great care in making sure Gaming Corps meets all regulations perfectly – both in terms of Nasdaq regulations, financial reporting and upholding our gaming supplier license. To do this we need to have a trusted team of advisors.

To get the most out of a partnership, your Company must of course also be a good partner to others, and first and foremost make sure to be reliable, transparent, professional and respectful. For Gaming Corps, with a growing business, we are most often a small or very small company in relation to the businesses we partner with. So more importantly, we find that it is key to be very clear on what our expectations are and what our plans are for the future. We partner with the companies that believe in us, our business idea and vision, which means that both sides need to see a longer relationship unfold. Gaming Corps may not always be a “big” partner today, but we aim to partner with those who believe in our drive to become that “big” partner tomorrow.

As our young iGaming business develops, we add more and more operators as partners. These operators have one or several online casino sites where they offer casino games, often over many geographical markets. These operators are essential to the current and future growth of Gaming Corps and thus very important partners to us at this stage. To make it easier for our different stakeholders to find and perhaps try our games, we have added a new page to our website today. Here you will find all the sites of online casinos where Gaming Corps casino slots can currently be played. You can also find the sites of our corporate suppliers, advisors and partners.

Have a look at OUR PARTNERS

Stay tuned tomorrow December 3rd when the advent calendar covers the topic of finding your creativity while working from home.