365 days a year they toil, Santa and his Elves. Most of them happily, but there is one elf who certainly isn’t happy and his bad attitude got him fired. Coming soon to Gaming Corps – Angry Elf, a Christmas casino slot without the usual holiday cheer. Just letting you know.

His parents should have known better than to name him Nathan-yell. The Angry Elf was born in a bad mood and it just kept on going. After reaching his late elf twenties, after exactly 294 years of bad attitude, drinking on the job and swearing in Santa’s presence, he got the boot. Seeing as there are not a lot of places to go for a disgraced elf, he is secretly sticking around the North Pole.

Angry Elf may look like a regular Christmas slot. Beautiful toys in Santa’s workshop, garlands and decorations. You know the drill. But hidden in the 3×5 video slot is the Angry Elf himself, and when he shows up with his bad mood he goes wild. Nathan-yell will substitute any other regular symbol to create a winning combination, because he has no friends left and is hoping to befriend you. But beware – some friends are really not that great to have. If you reach the bonus game you will find the other elves snoozing on the job. Nathan-yell broke yet another rule and used his elf magic to put them to sleep! We are hoping you do well in the bonus game as that will wake them up and save them from disgrace as well.

Not that you probably care much, but it is our job after all to let you know that Angry Elf will soon be available on Gaming Corps affiliated operator sites. So stay tuned, or not, whatever.