This holiday season we invite you into our company to learn more about what we do here at Gaming Corps. Today December 1st our focus is the start of the iGaming production process.

Gaming Corps has two business areas – iGaming and Gaming. Within iGaming we develop casino slots for the global online market, focusing on the selective gamer. At the very beginning of the process of producing a casino slot is the design process, or the Game Design Document. In this “blueprint” document we outline key factors for the game – mechanics, rules, features, music, symbols, paylines, user interface and more, in a digital format that enables teamwork and the assignment of tasks. The blueprint answers key questions like; what does the base game look like? What are the high paying and low paying symbols? What special features are offered for increased gaming experience? Is there a bonus game? What types of sounds are needed? And much more.

A key part of the design document is of course the theme. All the visuals you see in the game; the components, symbols, animations and the overall story. In a great slot the theme is catching and fits intuitively with the mechanics. The calendar image for today shows our Concept Artist Claire Azzopardi working on the very first versions of an art component for an upcoming game. As all creatives, our artists start their creative process by doing research and finding inspiration in various ways. Claire does hand sketches on paper and then moves on to using a stylus to transfer her creative ideas into digital art. Here the embryo of the art for the slot is born.

As iGaming is the main focus of Gaming Corps business at the moment, we have put extra emphasis on the development process of the casino slots in the advent calendar. There are 8 articles in total covering this topic, and next time we return on December 4th to talk about art creation – what happens after the first sketches are in place.

Stay tuned tomorrow December 2nd when the advent calendar covers the topic of partnerships.