Gaming Corps is proud to announce the results of the recent share issue, whereby the Company was humbly trusted with all the means asked and planned for, with a margin. The share issue was covered to 103,6%.

The share issue, which was announced on October 26th, resulted in the following:

  • 7 376 162 issued shares were spoken for by existing shareholders choosing to purchase their allotted share. This amounts to 84,7% of the total share issue.
  • 1 641 945 shares were purchased by new and existing shareholders who had asked to be allocated part of the shares issued that were not spoken for. This amounts to 18.9% or the total share issue.

In total the share issue was covered to 103,6%, increasing the number of shares in Gaming Corps to 8 704 652, and injecting 26,1 MSEK into the business (before deduction of administrative costs)

”Many thaks to all our shareholders for your support and for putting your trust in us! Gaming Corps can now fully focus on working according to our communicated strategies and objectives, focusing in the coming year on faster launch rates and developing the organization. I would like to highlight that this share issue was carried out without guarantee commitments, which is proof that Gaming Corps has become the new Company we strived to create, a company that humbly carries the trust of its shareholders. That makes me very happy. We are now embarking on a new era, and we do it in partnership with you.” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO.

I also want to start by thanking our shareholders for the outstanding commitment shown during this share issue. For the past two years, our management  team has worked hard on keeping costs down, and ensuring that every crown invested truly benefits the Company. These efforts will continue. The fact that this issue was fully covered improves Gaming Corps’ standing, and we believe that the investments we have planned will prove favorable for the shareholders, in both the short and the long term. We as a management team have a lot of work ahead of us in the near future, coming up first is putting a more detailed financial planning in place as a result of the share issue, so today we are rolling up our sleeves!” says Bülent Balikci, CFO and member of the Board.


For more information of the share issue, here is the formal announcement (in Swedish): Gaming Corps offentliggör utfall i företrädesemission