The direct integration towards online casinos Joy Casino, Casino X, Golden Reels and Bons has been finalised. We are now live, meaning Gaming Corps’ launched casino games, “Book of Pirates” and “Jellos”,  are available as of today on four additional sites.

Earlier in the fall, Gaming Corps signed agrements with three different operators; Owl In N.V., Golden Reels and Pomadorro, all of them based on direct integration. Direct integration is a distribution model which means that Gaming Corps does not use the services of an aggregator, the games are distributed directly to the operators. The integration requires more operational efforts on behalf of the game developer, with varying demands posed by different operators, but has the benefit of increased share of earnings. Direct integration enabled for these three operators marks the first time Gaming Corps goes live with the new distribution model.

Gaming Corps’ portfolio casino slots are now available on the following online casino sites: (as per agreement with Pomadorro) (as per agreement with Pomadorro) (as per agreement with Owl In N.V.)