Today we are happy to launch the next slot from the Gaming Corps casino slot portfolio. Jellos is a cascading video slot on an 8×8 grid where Jello characters Pinky, Loke, Violet, Tom, Ted and Mussu drop down in a colourful pattern. A win is created if you get 5 or more similar characters connected in a Jello bunch and an explosion of sweetness follows! Guaranteed to be absolutely void of all nutrients.

As the Jellos bob happily on the screen, pay attention to the colour-changing Jello flower. In the base game it sets to a colour after cascading down and can then be part of a winning combination of that same colour. During free spins mode it acts as a joker to substitute any other character in a winning combination. During the free spins mode each landed Jello flower also becomes sticky, meaning it is so sweet that it doesn’t drop during cascades but stays on the grid between free spins. But it doesn’t end there! The flower has yet another level of sweetness. During the free spins mode each flower smashed in winning combinations contributes one point to the progress bar and gives a multiplier to all following winning combinations.