A long-awaited release is now becoming a reality!

It’s true, everyone! We are in the happiest place to announce that Book of Pirates, our first video slot, is set to release on the 2nd June, 2020. Mark your calendars and prepare for the release day. Before we explain what this game is about, we would like to take a moment to thank our team, our management and most of all: you, the supporters, who believe in us and help us become greater by the day. So on to the game then:

Book of Pirates is a video slot, where you will be immersed into a world full of gold, doubloons, cursed maps and treasures! A high quality production, guaranteeing your enjoyment and pleasure. A plethora of exciting moments await you and your pirate crew, because the loot is plenty. A quite high volatility slot that will captivate you.

So everyone, stay put, powder your guns, fill up your cannons, brace yourselves and the links on where and how to play are just a breath away!