Yesterday Lif’s Adventure started in the Magic Kingdom and we couldn’t be happier! It may just be that the sun is shining extra brightly today just for him.

Over the course of the past 24 hours many of you have contacted us with suggestions, ideas, congratulations and bug reports – we thank you for that. Lif especially 🙂 It also appears that many players of Oh Frog are accomplished keyboard and mouse players, others perhaps are new to gaming (and if so WELCOME!), as we have gotten several requests for instructions on how to interpret the commands when using a keyboard. Lif therefore doubled up on pizza and frog-coffee last night and made some changes to the game so you can easily switch between the two options.

Have a look below to learn the drill:

Under OPTIONS you can chose KEYBOARD & MOUSE or GAMEPAD. 


For those who love visuals, Lif has created this button map and he is quite happy about it.


So from all of us here at Gaming Corps, have a frogtastic time while gaming! Keep loving Lif! Because he loves you… and pizza… But mostly, YOU!