As per earlier communication, Gaming Corps is launching the action adventure puzzle game Oh Frog on Steam. As of today April 20th the game is available for download, so let the adventure begin!

You can find the game on Steam here. We hope you will enjoy playing it and share your feedback with us and others on the Steam forum. Lif may be a small animal but he absolutely loves attention and is looking forward to hearing all about your experiences!

The price for the game is 16.99 but it will initially be sold at a discount of 40%, information on why we have chosen to discount the game can be found here. Gaming Corps had decided on an initial discount of 70% as previously communicated, but due to new rules on Steam we are unable to offer a discount larger than 40% during the first period after the launch. The price will be reassessed and adjusted later in the year where we can be as flexible as we would wish with any kinds of discounts and offers.

We ask all players to please note that a small error has found its way on to the Steam game page. It says that Oh Frog has to be played using a handheld device. Lif begs to differ! You can for sure play Oh Frog with a handheld device but also using a keyboard and mouse, so play away on whatever option that is most frogtastic to you!

Stay tuned for more updates on Oh Frog as we dive into the adventure together!