It has been a long journey for our most beloved frog, Lif, to enter into your homes and computers. But finally he is here! The game is currently being uploaded on Steam, the largest gaming platform in the world with over 125 million users.

Oh Frog is an action adventure puzzle game targeted to a wide age demographic within both the casual and core player segments. After a round of successful beta tests the game will now be made available through a soft launch and is currently being uploaded to Steam. Gaming Corps strategy is to ensure wider distribution through an external publisher and the Company is in ongoing negotiations. The long-term goal is for Oh Frog to be released on Nintendo Switch, it is the assessment of Gaming Corps that Switch is the platform best suited for the game and where it has potential to generate the most revenue over time. Oh Frog has an exciting multiplayer mode and supports intuitive control movements when played with game controllers.  


The game is currently being uploaded on Steam. Gaming Corps website and Twitter will be updated once it has been made available, at that time more promotional material will also be released.


Given the uniquely difficult effects of covid-19 all over the world, many developers in the gaming industry have voiced their opinions that the industry should pull its weight and do what it can to alleviate the situation. With millions of people quarantined in their homes, downloads on Steam have increased significantly. The break that a computer game offers is comforting for many people and can offer some well-deserved fun for both young and old. Since the pandemic has already had tangible, financial consequences for millions of families, most developers have chosen to offer their games at a significant discount. Gaming Corps wholeheartedly supports these initiatives and wants to contribute in whatever little way we can, Oh Frog will therefore be sold at a 70% discount. The price for downloading the game is 16.99 EUR which after the discount amounts to 4.99 EUR. Gaming Corps will re-assess the pricing of Oh Frog later in the spring.


The Frog Kingdom’s most prized artifacts, the Crowns of Power, have been stolen and the world is plunged into chaos. As darkness slowly seeps through the land, the magical power of The Crowns has begun to twist and corrupt nature herself into a force of evil. The world is no longer what it used to be! Desperate, King Frog summons you, Lif, the Kingdom’s last ray of hope and bravest frog, to recover the Crowns of Power and restore peace across the land. Take the challenge and be brave!

A colorful and loopy 2D action adventure puzzle; Oh Frog invites you to explore the gorgeous and peculiar Frog Kingdom, unravel its mysteries and brave its terrible dangers. Using the simple and addictive hook-and-swing mechanic, the player guides Lif through handcrafted perilous traps and ancient puzzles. When visiting Frog Kingdom, you get to experience a fairytale-esque land full of luscious forests, eerie swamps, windy mountaintops and many more, all hand drawn with meticulous detail and love by Gaming Corps talented creators, to invoke the feeling of a dream-like world. The gamer gets to watch Lif’s story unfurl in lighthearted comic strips while conquering stages and progressing through the game. Whether friend or foe, all characters come alive through masterful animation and a pinch of nerdiness! 

A particularly engaging feature of the game is the multiplayer mode where the player can duke it out with three other friends in classic deathmatch-style or scramble for control of an ancient artifact, in local co-op mode. Choose between five legendary frog heroes and fight for victory in ancient battlefields. 

Embark on a magical adventure and discover hidden relics, aid unlikely allies and battle epic bosses. In short – join us and dive into an incredible adventure of frogtastic proportions! 

See you in Frog Kingdom 

/All of us at Gaming Corps


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