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Update in regard to covid-19

By March 13, 2020 No Comments

Given the turbulence in the world on account of covid-19 we want to provide an update on how this affects Gaming Corps. In order to protect our employees and take our share of responsibility in slowing the spread, we have discontinued work in our offices for the time being. All employees have been given the technical support needed to fully carry out their tasks from home, hence at this time covid-19 has had no effect on the work. So in the areas we ourselves can control there is no slowdown in production at Gaming Corps. So far, we have had only modest issues with delays from partners or suppliers due to covid-19, but that can of course change fast and be outside of our control. We will keep monitoring the situation closely and if covid-19 has any adverse or otherwise unexpected effects on the business of Gaming Corps that will be communicated.

As usual, if there are any changes in major factors that affect the company or may affect the share price, we will communicate according to regulation.