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Get to know Gaming Corps new CEO

By February 18, 2019 No Comments

Constant learner, passionate stock market trader and father of three – Juha Kauppinen is a man with many talents and an almost never-ending supply of enthusiasm. Where there is knowledge to be gained, he is eager to ask the questions and get to the bottom of every matter. Persistent yet with a humble attitude, Juha is the man chosen to lead Gaming Corps in this new chapter of the organization.

On November 8th 2018 Juha Kauppinen stepped onto the board as part of a group of major shareholders who wanted to see substantial changes made to the direction and management of Gaming Corps. Initially chosen by the other board members to take an operational role, he later on December 18th assumed the role of Interim CEO. After a recruitment process with external candidates, the board decided that the best way to keep the current direction, team spirit and positive motion forward was to keep Juha on as the permanent CEO.

Where does your interest in the stock market stem from?

I guess a certain interest in investing for the future has always run in the family, with both my sister and brother buying stocks from an early age. Myself I started out more cautiously, just buying equity funds on a regular basis. In 2014 I suffered a devastating loss when my brother passed away, and it made me want to make substantial life changes. One thing I did was pick up his hobby of investing in the stock market and it quickly became a passion, in periods I did both day trading and swing trading. What got me most interested was researching the companies, engaging in communities and forums with other traders and analyzing what the next good move was. Gradually, investing and trading became a large part of my every day life.

What attracted you to Gaming Corps in the first place?

I researched the stock and noted when they got a large order from PDP, a business deal I thought could be a turning point. Later Game Mill came on and Gaming Corps went in the direction of iGaming, a direction I still believe strongly in, so I decided it was an interesting investment. As the journey got bumpy and the stock price fell, I started to get involved; analyzing the market and trying to assess what was not working in the company. I came into contact with other shareholders and our joint assessment was that the core of the company was sound but the financial management was not, so we decided to step in with the goal of reversing the downward trend.

Gaming Corps is currently undergoing a steel bath, what is it like to lead an organization through that type of situation?

It is challenging but also highly motivating. We have a solid team with high work ethics in place who agree on our direction and are dedicated to making a difference on behalf of all shareholders. The wellbeing of the shareholders is something that weighs heavy on my shoulders for sure, but that is how it must be, and I feel the support of the board. I did not get into this with the expectation of becoming CEO, things unfolded that way but now I am grateful to be here. My friend and colleague Bülent Balikci often says that things happen for a reason and perhaps he is right.