We Challenge Ourselves Daily – Even in Ping Pong

Gaming Industry Veterans. That is three words that describe Gaming Corps well. The studio was founded by people with 15 plus years experience from AAA titles, with a goal to make great games and have fun developing them.

The studio is based in Uppsala, a town with great development traditions, and also the fourth largest city in Sweden. The city was founded in 1286, and the studio opened its doors 2014.



We are looking for talented people. If you want to work in a great environment, and have passion for games and game development - let us know.



Since social media became a big part of our lives, it's also made it easier to keep track of things. A common communication form, and you're already there on the Facebook etc. That's the reason we decided to use social media as our main channels for company news and more.

You see our social channels below, follow/like to keep updated on what's happening at Gaming Corps.